Pace the Nation: Stop and Smell the Cherry Blossoms

Pace the Nation Podcast

April 16, 2018

We open up with some coffee talk and anniversaries. At (7:40) we Joanna and Farley are headed to Boston. At (9:05) we talk about the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, where Farley notices the Cherry Blossoms for the first time. At (20:11) we are joined by local runner and American University Hall of Famer Keira DAmato (@k_storm) who is running the Boston Marathon. After discussing the pronunciation of her last names, we start out (21:29) talking about her time at Oakton High School and at (24:35) her transition and time at American University. At (28:13) we talk about American University alum Andre Ingrams NBA debut. At (29:22) Keira talks about her marathon debut in 2013, which was a bit different than her marathons today. At (33:37) Keira talks about all the factors that came together and motivated her to flip the switch and become an elite runner. At (38:20) she talks about managing her schedule and her huge support system. AT (39:16) we talk about the 2:45 target for the OT qualifying mark. At (41:10) we talk about the 2:47 at the Richmond Marathon in the fall of 2017. At(47:28) Keira talks about winning the Rock and Roll DC half marathon. At (48:15) we preview the Boston Marathon as Keira will toe the line with the elite women. At (53:15) Farley asks Keira which song exemplifies Boston. At (57:24) Keira tells us some of her favorite math jokes. We are back at (1:00:28) to wrap up the interview and then at (1:04:30) we talk more about the Boston Marathon, as Loren Zitomersky is attempting a world record by running the race backwards. At (1:09:50) we talk about Joannas BAA 5k streak. At (1:15:10) Docs talks about Strava, Garmin and a recent run. At (1:21:17) we have a where are they now segment with former guest Jamie Watts (Episode 60 and on twitter @jamierunsworld) as she prepares for the New Jersey Marathon.

Photo from RunWashington by Vanessa Junkin

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