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When it comes to my history with running, I joined my high school’s cross country team as a freshman and haven’t looked back since. I thought when I arrived at Oakton High School (go Cougars!) that my main priority would remain the sport I had been playing for years: soccer. I had nothing else going on, so I figured why not run a few miles in the Fall to impress the soccer coach come tryouts in the Spring? But it didn’t take long to figure out that running would not just be the sport I used to get in shape for another, it was my true calling. I never did make it to those soccer tryouts, Spring track and field on that big oval just seemed too enticing. 

Over the course of four years, a budding love for running had blossomed into a passion that drove discipline and hard work. The success that resulted from that led me to competing at the NCAA DI level. I was so excited to head to American University where I would run for Coaches Matthew Centrowitz and Terry Weir. Coach Weir had coached me in high school, and it was so nice having a familiar face and comforting presence around. My time as an Eagle culminated with some All-American honors in cross country and track, and a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Say it with me now… NERD!

But wait, there’s more! I continued to run competitively after college when I joined a group called DC Elite coached by Scott Raczko. I had some mild success before being sidelined with an ankle injury that ended up requiring surgery. I decided the best thing at the time was to take a break from competitive running, and honestly, I thought this would be the end forever. 

In the next six years or so, I started a career apart from running, got married to a stud of a man, had two glorious kids… and gained a whole lot of pregnancy weight. In an effort to lose the baby weight, I started running again. I really wanted a goal to keep me motivated, so I decided the best carrot to dangle at the end of my stick was to sign up for a marathon. Yay? Well, that marathon gave me the official “running bug” again and I rediscovered my love for running. Yay!

Now I run because I am obsessed. I’m obsessed with the grind. I’m obsessed with finding a little more improvement each time I race or train hard. I’m obsessed with seeing where I can take my body. And most of all, I’m obsessed with the simple act that is a daily run.

It’s been special to “run for fun” for the first time in my life. For the first time, I am not on a high school, college, or post-collegiate team, yet I’m still pushing myself just because I love it. It has blown my mind that this season of life has me knocking on the door of my lifetime personal best running times. And even surpassing times in some cases! Thirty-something Keira with two kids is faster than early twenties Keira. Say it with me now… CRAZY.

We got the band back together as I am back training under Scott Raczko and working towards the 2020 Olympic Trials for the Marathon… I can’t wait to see where this running journey takes me!

Thanks for reading my story with running. To keep the good times going, follow me on Strava! This is the app where I record all my runs… and puns. Seriously, if you want some good ol’ fashioned Mom Jokes and corny puns, I’ve got you covered on my Strava account.