The Road to the Olympic Trials: Keira D’Amato

By The Strava Club

With 2020 now firmly underway, the US Olympic Marathon Trials are almost here: In less than a month over 500 of America’s fastest marathoners will fight it out for three coveted spots on Team USA at Tokyo 2020. Many of these athletes are a part of the Strava community: they’re nurses, parents, and Strava employees. They’re amateurs and professionals, they’re fresh out of college and they’re seasoned racers. They’ve spent the winter embracing the daily grind that all marathoners are so familiar with. And over the next month, we’re excited to be sharing a few of their stories. 

First up is Keira D’Amato a mum of two, full-time realtor and two hour, 34-minute marathoner – pretty impressive, right? 

With Atlanta not too far away, what emotions bubble to the surface when you think about race day? 

“I can’t help but think: OMG, it’s almost here! It feels a bit surreal because I qualified almost 2 years ago and since then, I’ve been working my butt off gearing up for this day. It almost felt like February 2020 would never come… but at the same time, holy cow, how are we already here?!” 

Training wise, how will you prepare for Atlanta? 

“My training plan has always been: get myself in MY best shape and see where that puts me. I’ve had a complete internal focus in this preparation. I’ve been intentional with slowly, but consistently, progressing my mileage and speed. In my marathon training cycles, I averaged 100-125 miles per week which includes an interval workout, a tempo run, and a long run each week. 

“I plan to keep doing what I’ve been doing because, hey, it’s working! 

For more details on what I’m doing, follow me on Strava. I put everything up – good runs, bad races, and ‘I can’t believe you’d admit to that’ workouts!” 

Having a family and a full-time job is more than enough for most people! What makes you want to train and compete at this high level? 

“My family is my life and my love, real estate is my career, and running is my hobby. A hobby I’m extremely passionate about and work really hard at… but my fun hobby! It’s been an amazing journey to put my head down and see what this ‘mom bod’ can do. I enjoy the process, the daily grind, and the time alone with my thoughts in a typically busy and hectic day. I’ve also become obsessed with the small improvements. I am so motivated to finish a run or workout and think ‘Holy moly! I don’t think I could have done that last week.’ 

“I think the biggest motivation for me is my support system. My kids don’t really get it (they are 3 & 5), but I’m proud to show them what working hard towards your goals look like. My husband is also a runner and is my biggest cheerleader (please don’t tell him I call him a cheerleader… maybe I should make it more manly like ‘king of the stud-ly support crew’). My family all selflessly volunteer to help me any way they can. And last, but not least, I can’t tell you how much support I get from Richmond, Virginia. Runners, neighbors, friends, pilates classmates, local schools, everyone has been so amazingly supportive. I feel like I’m going after this dream for everyone in a way.” 

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